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FMCG Expertise Meets AI Innovation

Our AI-driven Business Intelligence platform is more than a product. It's a dynamic collaboration between seasoned industry experts and cutting-edge AI specialists. This unique partnership leverages deep domain knowledge, honed through discussions and feedback from stakeholders in the industry. Together, we are crafting highly customized solutions that address your specific needs and challenges, empowering your organization with unprecedented capabilities.

Our Co-Founder


Jens Ohlig


Entrepreneurial and customer-centric senior executive with extensive P&L responsibility, boasting over 25 years of experience in the Information Services industry and B2B SaaS solutions, primarily at Nielsen/NIQ. Jens has passionately dedicated himself to supporting clients in overcoming their marketing and sales challenges by adeptly transforming complex data into actionable insights.

Fred Hogen


As a senior executive with over 30 years of experience mainly at Nielsen/NIQ, Fred has dedicated his career to supporting manufacturers and retailers in the FMCG industry, driving impactful business results through optimizing data efficiency. Fred is excited working on innovative solutions that empower clients to achieve substantial growth, value and transformation.

Reiner Graul


Passionate and results-driven entrepreneur, dedicated to driving excellence in FMCG/OTC through strategic consulting and innovative solutions. With a deep-rooted commitment, Reiner brings 25 years of experience to the table by making Bormann & Gordon to one of the leading companies for Shopper and POS Insights in Germany.

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